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How to Fix a Noisy Car Engine

When it comes to your car’s internal combustion engine, there are a lot of parts that make the noises you hear. Fortunately, if you know what to look for, you can usually determine whether the sound is coming from your engine or a related problem.

The most common sounds in a modern engine are tapping and whining, which can indicate problems with the connecting rods, crankshaft bearings and piston pins. A noise like this requires immediate attention, as it can cause damage to the bearing shells if you continue to run the engine.

Tappet Noise

The tappets in an engine are the small cylindrical mechanisms that open and close the valves within the engine. They are a part of every overhead valve (OHV) and overhead camshaft (OCM) engine, and they can make an annoying ticking sound that varies in pitch.

Bad Spark Plugs

A faulty spark plug will prevent the spark from properly igniting your fuel, which can result in a pinging or rattling noise that increases as you turn the ignition. This is a common problem for high-mileage vehicles and should be fixed by an auto professional like major car service Perth.

Hydraulic Lifter Ticks

If you’re hearing a clicking sound from the valve and hydraulic lifters that are attached to your intake or exhaust valves, it may be caused by a worn or stuck hydraulic lifter. Oil additives can help reduce this noise, but it will need to be addressed by an expert mechanic.


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